My Wallet

                                 Developed By     : Md. Masud Rana
                                                            Jr. Programmer, Kento Studios, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
                                 Developed For    : iPhone
                                 Developed Using : Objective C & Xcode

                                 Download Link   : From itunes


This Figure shows the Home Screen of the Application. In this window the users can see their card/cash balance. Also can set todays and tomorrow's budget. If today's budget is not set then the user will be notified for each time of visiting this page.
Fig : Main Window

Money : (Cash/ Credit Input)

Fig : Money Entry

Using This Window User can add their cash or Credit card (maximum 4 cards) balance for later expense. Date, Time, Source, Amount and to which (cash/credit card) are the required information.

Expense : 

Using this window users entry their expense with the expense date, time, Expense title, Expense amount and card/cash by which expense is done. All information are required. If any information is missing then it will give warning.
Fig : Expense Entry


Fig : Get Report
This window gives the attractive feature to the user. User can observe the todays report, or any date by selecting, or between two selected date, or the current Month, or the current year report or until now from starting the software. It is easy. Just select the option and get the report in the simple form.


Fig : Settings
This easy manageable software can protect the invalid access by password. Can warn by giving warning for the budget and cash balance. If the user want, then they can stop these feature using this window. 

The user can enter their card No. and the name of Bank in the card/cash details. In the home window the last four digits of the card are shown.

The user can reset the system for getting initial copy of the software by "Reset System". After reset the system it is required to restart the software.